BALI Directions


By ferry boat: The ferry boat leaves from Padang Bay every hour, 24/24

it takes 5 to 6 hours to get to Lembar harbour in Lombok. The price is 120 000 Rp with your motorbike .  if you come by foot , you will have to take a taxi at your arrival . ( 250 000 Rp for the taxi to TEMBOWONG , 45mn )

NEW ! EKAJAYA FAST BOAT . from Serangan island to Lembar in just 2 hours , price 275 000 Rp/one way . tel 0859 3434 4872 -  / WA : 0852 3874 4427

By plane: Airlines such as Wings, Lion air or Garuda have daily flights

starting from 300 000 Rp pp one way. It takes 30 minutes.

Airport taxi will take you to the village of TEMBOWONG *.

 It takes 1.30 drive and the price is around 350 000 Rp .

*From Tembowong you will find taxi boats* to take you to the hotel . It takes only 10 mn . ( 20 000 RP pp )

*Taxi boats are operational from 7am to 7 pm !


By speed boat: With GILI GETAWAY , from BALI to Gili Gede.

in just 1h30 ! Daily departure from Serangan island at 10.30 am, price 710 000 Rp pp one way.

Once in Gili Gede, take a public boat to Palmyra Indah bungalows , 20 minutes. 

Infos on : / +62 (0) 8113801717

Let us book for you and avoid paying a deposit !

* If you come by taxi , you don’t have to go all the way to the town of

Pelangan . Ask the driver to drop you before, at the harbour of

Tembowong , just before the petrol station. All the taxi boats are parked

by the beach . Ask anyone to take you to Palmyra indah hotel , it takes 10

minutes and cost 20 000 Rp pp . ( from 7.00 am to 7.00 pm )



Arrival of the ferry boat: You will find taxi at the harbour . (+/- 250 000 Rp) and 45 mn drive to the harbour of Tembowong *

Directions to get there by road if you have your own motorbike :

As you get out of the harbour( Lembar) turn right at the main road . Drive 800 m to the next cross road and turn right . That’s the only road going to Sekotong . Keep turning right when you come to cross roads . After 45 mn you will pass the petrol station of Tembowong by the beach , continue 3 km till you reach the town of Pelangan .

Call us from the cross road of Pelangan and we will come and meet you there .

If you can't call us here's the direction to the hotel :


The small road to the hotel is not easy to find and not so good ; from the cross

road of pelangan ,turn right, drive 300m and turn right, pass the main mosque, turn left, follow the road along the river for 1 km till you reach the small village of

Selindungan, turn right in the village (or ask anyone for Astam if your not sure)

…and follow the dirt road for 1 km till you reach the beach .

 081 337 810 691 ( Astam)


  1. NOTE : there is no ATM in Sekotong . The closest ATM is at Lembar .

  2. we do not accept credit cards .

  3. payments cash in IDR , Euros, U$, AUD, etc... and PAYPAL